The Young Alumni Council is organized to give each member a sense of ownership in the organization. Members are encouraged to work both independently and with each other to accomplish the Council's goals.

Council Events 

Council members regularly help plan and attend social events to mix with alumni, law students and faculty. This gives members and attendees great opportunities to share updates about work developments and interests. 


Law School Events

Members also help the law school's Career Development Office by providing mock-interview opportunities for law students and panel discussions about bar preparation and the practice of law. 



Every Member that joins the Council excelled at connecting with their classmates during law school. As part of the Council, each Member continues making those connections through one-on-one meetings with friends, faculty and other alumni. 


Volunteer Work

Members also look for opportunities for the Council to volunteer their time to do community service - a value each member learned to appreciate as an emphasis of the Creighton University experience.